Freezing Time within the photo chamber. Photos by Antoine Hart

Character Creations

Original Concepts and Cosplay

One my favorite things to do with my photography is photographing characters, whether its original concepts or cosplay. Being a huge nerd myself, I get a lot of inspiration from super heroes, anime and video games. So I decided to start a character project.




 Narratives From The Realm is an on going project which incorporates story lines with my photography. I've always wanted to create story lines to the characters created with my photography and now I'm finally getting the chance to do so. Check out the premise and characters of Narratives From The Realm!

"For the longest, no one believed that the gateway between The Citian Realm and Earth Dimension existed. Nevertheless, the rumors are true. Even though relations between the two worlds are peaceful at the time, tensions are growing between the Citians, Outkins and the people from the Earth. Mutiny, betrayal and the deep secrets from The Citian Council will soon change everything.

Characters with names are connected and have background stories. Click photo to view their gallery. More soon to come!