Freezing Time within the photo chamber. Photos by Antoine Hart

Lingala is a human who was abandoned at a young age at the gateway between the Earth Dimension and the Citian Realm; before the gateway closed for the 1st time. One of the Councilmen discovered her dying body next to a peculiar lantern and performed a blood transfusion to save her life. Because of the rejuvenated blood, Lingala formed Kinomes on the outside of her arms. Kinomes are powerful crystal like- stones embedded in the skins of Outkins, some more visible than others. Though her life was saved, she suffers from some memories lost due to her injuries. She  spent countless hours and years learning the ways of her new home.

Since the reopening of the gateway, Lingala is now an emissary for The Citian Council; a messenger on The Councils behalf to relay messages to the people of the realm and diplomatic conference with the Earth Dimension. It has been many years since she started her new life, but she still keeps that very same lantern that was next to her body when she discovered founded to this day, hoping it will lead to answers. Even though the Citian Realm is now her home, Lingala loathes to rediscover her memories from the her earthly past. A past that may come back to haunt her.